1.0 is OUT!

All you see is a placeholder, everything is subject to change
in the course of development.

This game is made with Unity, without this, this game wont exist,
This what you are doing is a big help for me. Comment down below
your suggestions! I hope this game turns out successful for everyone and me! support me by Commenting, Rating, Subscribing to my channel, it will make me happier in the course in early access if you play, rate, and leave a comment my game!

Thank you all for your support!
I wish these kinds of updates are more frequent, there are a ton of features that are in my to-do-list!

Comment down below for a beta key!


Poly-Forces Windows 111 MB
Version 26 Jul 23, 2017
Poly-Forces Mac 114 MB
Version 22 Jul 23, 2017
Poly-Forces Linux 111 MB
Version 13 Jul 23, 2017

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beta key M8

sorry for a late reply, use "xlTXbNRyl2"

Deleted 57 days ago

SORRY FOR A VEEERING LATE REPLY, i was busy lateley, but here use "xlTXbNRyl2"